Tools For Detox

On this page I’m going to recommend all the tools that I have had success with in my own personal detox. I’m also going to suggest links to places where you can find out more information about each method or practice. These are universal tools and practices that have been adopted by people for thousands of years and have proven to be successful, and you can also benefit from these if you make a commitment to your health and wellbeing.


Meditating by the seaMeditation Practices or Dhyana can actually be considered the most important activity that every individual in the world should perform on a daily basis… I would say it’s even more important than brushing your teeth!… (I’m not telling you to stop brushing your teeth, I’m saying, initially spending 10 minutes and the beginning and end of the day, simply sitting in silence with your eyes closed observing and contemplating; will reward you amply!)

We should not be discouraged from pursuing a regular Meditation practice as result of any preconceived ideas that we might have about the word. This does not mean we need to become monks or shave our heads bald; we don’t even have to leave the chair we are sitting in right now!… There are many types of meditation and the techniques involved in achieving a meditative state are numerous.

You can check out these videos for some explanations and guided meditations:

Click Here to see my video explanation about what I currently understand meditation to be, and short guided meditation at the end of the video.

The inspiration for me to love all of Life, and live the life I love, came from an enlightened individual; his name is Srinivas Arka. I am honoured to have had the chance to have been in the company of such a being, and even more grateful for the fact that I can call him my friend. From the time I have spent with him, I know for sure that a life lived serving others is a life that is lived well. Humility and patience are qualities that Srinivas Arka has in abundance; even though he has provided an example to inspire, sometimes I don’t always do what I know to be best.

If you want to know more about Srinivas Arka and the work his foundation does all over the world simple follow the link below:


yoga sunset 2A daily yoga practice is something that we should all aim to incorporate into our lives; body, mind and spirit are all catered for, on some level, in every yoga routine.  Yoga can be done by anyone, as it is simply stretching and consciously breathing. There are yoga practices for people of all ages and physical condition. Even if we have severe issues with mobility we can adopt a yoga practice that suits our current needs and then evolves as our mobility increases. I can keep writing about my experiences with yoga and giving you facts; but I think if you just watch the video below it will inspire you more than my words can. (Inspirational Yoga Transformation Story)

You can learn some great yoga routines from these videos: (Chair Yoga; this is for older people and those that are experiencing extreme problems with mobility) (Basic routine, with simple to follow instructions) (Full range of routines from beginner to advanced, clear instructions and routines for all different times of the day)

yoga sunset

yoga sunset 3


The Foundation of any Detoxification plan is the foods we eat; or more importantly the foods we don’t eat. Consuming Mucus-causing, Waste-building, Acid-forming foods, like Dairy, Meat/Fish(or any other dead animal tissue), Bread, Soy, Fried foods, etc, is completely out of the question if we are serious about cultivating health. Our diet should consist entirely out of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, as well as a small amount of nuts and seeds…. These are Whole living foods. They should be consumed fresh, without any cooking, as the heat from the cooking process destroys the availability of the nutrients in the foods. Depending on which part of the world you are in and what time of the year you are detoxing, the ratios and quantities of the foods consumed can vary. You should also tailor your detox to suit your needs, environment, and schedule.

You can check out my recipe videos on my YouTube channel by clicking here

You can find some recipes I use regularly by clicking here.

These are some great sites that have some truly amazing raw vegan, healthy recipes.   (Extensive Blog, tons of recipes very well done. Great site to visit if you have a sweet tooth or if you are fond of the taste of chocolate, cakes and cookies) (This site has some very high class gourmet recipes, definitely worth trying some of these dishes if you are trying to impress someone with raw food dishes.) (If you are transitioning to a raw to diet, this site is great as it has plenty of dehydrator recipes for things like, raw vegan breads, cakes etc.)

Herbal Tinctures

Wild Herbs and Tinctures made from combinations of these herbs are truly a miraculous gift to us from nature; they are one of the most powerful healing tools available to us, I’ve found my experience with using them to help restore my glands and remove waste from my body. Some of the Herbal tinctures are so powerful hey not only detox and strengthen the physical body; they can help bring clarity to the mind or the mental body. But it must be mentioned that you can experience some discomforts as the physical and emotional barriers to your health are removed.

You can learn all about herbs and how to use them properly from, probably, the best and healer on the planet….. His name is Dr. Robert Morse N.D, D.Sc., M.H….

He is a truly beautiful soul that dedicates all of his time to the healing and well-being of others. He also has over 40 years experience and has detoxed and helped 100,000’s of people regain their health. He has a YouTube Channel with hundreds of free videos on a huge range of detox subjects. If you are suffering from any serious illness it’s vital that you check his videos. (You can search by specific conditions people have written emails about to Dr. Morse)

You can also buy the tinctures and other herbal products through this site. I would recommend these over any other, but if you can find someone that does make herbal tinctures; organically, ethically and with the healing of the user as the main priority please feel free to use them. (American website, you have to email or call them to place an order) (Greek website great for ordering if you live in Europe, You can order the same, Dr Morse, herbs through here)

Fresh Wild Herbs

If you walk out into your back garden or any area with overgrown weeds you will find the raw fresh herbs that people have used for thousands of years and are used even in tinctures like Dr. Morse’s. Best of all these herbs won’t cost you a penny!

Dandelion Greens and Stinging Nettle Leaves are two of the most common plants that you will find growing everywhere, but at the same time they are two of the best Liver and Kidney Detoxifiers and Restorers. You can dry the leaves and make tea, or you can simply juice them and make a green juice…

My Favourite way to consume the wild herbs is to go outside and pick them freshly, add some fresh ginger and couple of lemons, then juice everything in a masticating juicer. There are tons of videos on wild herbs I’ve made, you can check them out by clicking the link below.

You check out my videos about wild greens by clicking here.

You can also find tons of great information on these sites about harvest wild herbs for detox.

Dried Wild Herbs

These are great for detoxing in cold climates and are also great if you are on a tight budget. Combing wild dried herbs, from herbal shops, the and wild fresh herbs you harvest yourself; you can have a very effective detox. These herbs are also great at targeting specific gland and organ weakness. Some herbs are effective at strengthening glands and organs, while some herbs are used for initially detoxifying glands and organs, both types of can be combined to create and effective herbal infusion (tea).

For example Chickweed, Marshmallow Root & Peppermint would make a great detoxifying tea for your digestive system. You can also add some Dandelion and Milk Thistle if you wanted to strengthen at the same time. Once you have made the tea, you can keep it and drink it throughout the day, or you can make a fresh warm batch each time. I drink up to 8 glasses of tea, on some days; you can drink as much herbal tea as you desire, but note, some herbs are diuretics, which means they increase urination. This means that you can leave yourself a little dehydrated if you drink too much Dandelion Leaf or Goldenseal, for example. So, always do plenty of reading on a herb and understand its effects before using it.

Great Place to get more information on making herbal teas is:

The best place I’ve found to buy dried herbs is: (They are a shop based in Brixton, South London)

There are many places on the internet that sell dry medicinal herbs, but there can be a huge variation in the quality of herbs being sold. It is best to do some research on the supplier or retailer before purchasing the herbs; it can be helpful to speak to person selling the herb, to see if they have any experience with using their herbs for detox purposes.


Juicing can be a very effective detoxification tool; the removing of the fibre from the vegetables and fruits can help the body by giving it easily absorbable nutrients. Although fibre from some fresh fruits and leafy greens are useful sometimes, the body still would have to spend a large amount of systemic energy extracting the nutrients from the wholefoods. So if we need energy and nutrition quickly and easily, then juicing can be invaluable.

Juicing can be very helpful to us if we are starting a detox plan or if we have an aversion to giving up cooked foods and other habits that do not serve us. Juicing is a great way to incorporate a truly life giving habit, while slowly weaning ourselves off our life taking, detrimental habits. You can eat meat, smoke cigarettes, and work 16 hours a day at a job that stresses you; but if you adopt a daily juicing habit, then you will start to feel better. At first, you can start slow with a glass of fresh juice every morning, then increase the amount of juice in the morning… then increase the amount of times in the day you drink juice; but make sure you prepare fresh juice every day! Slowly you will notice an increase in energy and some of “dis-ease” symptoms that you were suffering from can disappear; but juicing alone cannot fix the root cause of the problem in severely depleted cases; it must be used in combination with the other tools available for a successful detox.

You can find out a lot more information about juicing by visiting these links below: ( My YouTube channel, juicing video playlist.) (My Youtube channel, Tamil videos, தமிழ்ஜயசிங்வீடியோ) (There are tons of videos, updated daily, to provide you with inspiration to maintain your daily juicing habit)

If you would life to buy a juicer, make sure you buy a decent quality machine.  You can click the link below for a an explanation of the different types of juicers.

Juicer Buying Advice, Click Here

I have bought all of my juicers and all the juicers I’ve bought for friends and family from a company called , they have great service

Essential Oils

Essential-OilEssential oils can be a vital therapeutic tool in the detox process. These oils are very powerful and can help alleviate certain symptoms when used in the correct amount and proper combination of oils. For example; Lavender Oil is great for relaxing the nervous system, Peppermint Oil is great at relieving respiratory congestion, Oregano is an anti-parasitic Oil and also strengthens the immune system; Marjoram Oil is very helpful to those suffering from anxiety and stress, these are just a few.

The oils, not only, help you when you are suffering from “dis-ease” or even “detox” symptoms, they also work on an energetic level healing organs, glands and other tissues in the body. It is vital that you use good quality essential oils, as most manufactures of essential oils mix their oils with cheaper oils and use synthetic substances. Essential oils can be used by breathing them, ingesting them, or by applying them topically to the skin; you can experiment to see which oils and which methods suit you best.


You can find out more about essential oils by visiting these sites:

I mentioned that the quality of oils is very important, there are 100’s of brands of essential oils, but I’ve had the best experience with oils from Oshadhi. There is a link to their site below; the staff are also very knowledgeable, so you can call them if you’re unsure about anything.

essential_oils 3Herbal Tincture

Colonics and Enemas

Unhealthy diets and stressful lifestyles have meant that the majority of us have a poor digestive system; some of us have severe impactions on the linings of the intestines. Colonics and Enemas can be beneficial at clearing some of the waste, but it should be stressed that they should not be overdone. One or Two sessions at the start of a detox can help by loosening some of the plaque and acidic waste that has built up. In my experience it is far more effective, in the long term, to use Dr. Morse’s Stomach & Bowel Herbal Formulas. These come in capsule or tincture form; and they are very powerful herbs that strengthen as well detoxify the stomach and the bowels.

Click here to see my video explaining Dr. Morse’s Bowel Formulas & G.I. Broom

Click here to see a video explaining Colonics & Enemas

Acupressure or Reflexology

Acupressure applied to hands and feet by yourself can be very effective at draining and stimulating the lymphatic system, and so can lead a healing of glands and organs.  When administered properly it can have a very positive effect on the nervous system too.  My personal opinion is that we should perform acupressure on ourselves, you don’t need to go to a practitioner unless you are very immobile. Like everything, the method some practise but the results and benefits to be gained in the long run, mean that it’s worth persevering.

Learn More about Acupressure by Clicking Here

Acupressure organ handaccupressure

Dry Skin Brushing

Rebounding or Mini-Trampoline