My Personal Approach to Detoxification and Healing

Detoxification is an Art; not an exact Science!…. I was taught this by my mentor, Dr. Robert Morse, and I have found it to be very true in my experience, in my own personal detox, as well as all those I that I work with. This means that we everyone’s path and circumstances vary greatly, so we must know when to accelerate the detox process and when to slow it down. We must know which tools are available for our detox and use them at appropriate times. We must understand “healing crisis” and know how to cope with these.

It is my belief that to achieve true Health, we must address all aspects of our being. This means that anything that allows you to experience Life this way must be identified and giving the appropriate attention. We must firstly acknowledge that we have many bodies; our Physical one is the most obvious, but this body is encompassed and intertwined with our other bodies; like the Mental Body, Emotional Body, Astral or Etheric Body…. There are many others and the names will vary depending on which school or though you follow; but the principal is the same in all of them; all the bodies are interdependent, each one’s health and vitality affects the other.

If any “dis-ease” or discomfort is felt, there are going to being obstructions to the flow of energy in any one or more of our bodies. Mostly, the “dis-ease” symptoms show up in the Physical Body, but they could be as a result of a lack of harmony in any of the other bodies. So, I consciously work on nourishing my Physical Body, as well as nurturing my Mental Body, and as a result of the newly found Health and Happiness, ,my Spiritual Body is also content.

In my experience it is easiest to start the process of healing is by changing the food we eat; or more importantly the food we don’t eat; within a short while of stopping the consumption of all Meat, Dairy, Grains, Processed and Cooked foods most people will notice an improvement in the Health and Happiness. The consumption of a diet based entirely on fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Nuts, Seeds and Good Quality Cold Pressed Oils will allow us to create a platform for the Life that we wish to live.

The initial healing of the Physical Body can only begin if there is the Mental resolve to be able to resist the temptation of consuming foods that don’t serve us. The Physical cravings for junk foods will subside with time, as will the thoughts of temptation, but commitment should be maintained as complete Healing will take some time, in most cases about 3-5 years. Some people even heal themselves, with 18 months, this is very rare as most of us have been passed down many weaknesses from our parents, and each generation for the last 100 years has been getting weaker than the last. Also, healing does not take place this quickly very often, as most of us have had very toxic habits, whether we realised this or not. You don’t need to consume alcohol or tobacco for you to get toxic waste built up inside you; simply consuming dairy for many years, or taking prescription medical drugs for an extended period of time will leave you in a toxic state. But adopting this lifestyle and detoxification will increase the quality of Life we experience on the planet.

Sometimes, we can stay committed for a day or a few days, but at the first difficult hurdle, we falter. This can be due to the lack of there being a Spiritual commitment behind the “idea or thought” in the Mental Body that healing must take place. This is why intention behind your reasons for you detoxing are important; for example, if you are simply trying to lose some weight to look nicer, you might have some success for a while. But, if you would like to lose weight and be more mobile because you want to fulfil your dream of creating a community flower garden, you are more likely to resist temptation. So contemplate on your intentions for detoxing; this can be achieved in mediation.

Mediation is something that I found invaluable and so would highly recommend integrating this practice into your daily routine; you will reap the benefits instantly. The clarity gained from this practice helps your healing and detox, as well as all other areas of your life. (it is my belief that all the ancient scriptures like the Bible, Quran & Bhagavad Gita, were talking about meditation for the most part. But unfortunately some people misinterpreted the teachings and focused attention on the external world, as opposed to the internal universe that the scriptures were actually trying to portray in stories, poems and other allegorical forms)

You will start to gain Health, Energy and Vitality after adopting this lifestyle, but when you put this energy to good use the healing and spiritual growth you achieve can be accelerated. For example if you help others or inspire them with your creativity then you will notice a huge difference from those that use the new found health for selfish reasons. (but, everyone is allowed be any way they like, I’m providing this information, unconditionally, it is up you how you use it)

Finally, remember to have Fun and Enjoy the process, this is vital. Every moment of Life should be cherished, do not wait until you are well and healthy to be grateful. Starting showing appreciation for the things that are Good in your Life at this very moment, and that Vibration of Gratitude you create will attract and manifest more things for you to be grateful for.