On this page you will find a wide selection of downloadable content that I have created in order to assist you in adopting detoxification into your life. You can download and distribute all the content in this section, as well as the rest of the site.

Daily Menu  (This is a menu people who are in pain or suffering from some “dis-ease”. This should be combined with the other available tools for greatest success)

Foods to eat, Foods to Avoid (This is a simple guideline for the types of you should and shouldn’t be consuming. Please understand that this list of foods will not cover all the fruits and vegetables in the world; it has been made to simply give you an idea. It is always best to consume locally grown food; and ideally organic too!)

Items that will be useful for juicing (A Simple list of item that you will need in your kitchen when you start using “Juicing” as a tool in your detox plan)

Juicing Recipes (These are some of my favourite recipes, they are amazingly nutritious, they taste great and they are very simple and easy to make)

Monitoring Chart (This is something that can be very useful at the beginning of your detox plan; you can keep track of your meals, as well as make notes about your thoughts and feelings on the day. Most people experience some level of emotional release in the beginning stages of detox, so the monitoring can help you gain perspective and not get too attached to the feeling and thoughts)