Diseases or “Dis-eases” – Simplified

At the root of 99.99% of all disease symptoms you will find three underlying causes; Genetics, Toxicity & Acidosis.

Genetics – Our genetics are given to us by our parents, and they determine many of our physical characteristics. But they are not written in stone… Even if we are given genetic weaknesses by our parents, that cause us to have disease symptoms, we can create health and eliminate disease. Genetics are like a cell’s memories, sometimes a child is born with a “dis-ease”, this simply means that by creating new healthy memories for the child’s cells, you can change the genetics and eliminate any dis-ease!

Toxicity – Substances that are poisonous to the body are called toxins. These toxins are by-products of some of the foods we consume; Dairy, Meat, Complex Sugars, as well as processed foods with many added chemicals and heavy metals. Toxins also come from the air we breathe and many dangerous toxins are also found in most household cleaners, toiletries and cosmetic products. The most dangerous toxins are produced by some prescription drugs and vaccines that are given to us by our own medical doctors. As protection from these toxins our bodies form mucus. As the toxins and mucus build up in our body this will lead to obstructions and inflammation, and eventually gland functions will become impaired and dis-ease symptoms will become chronic. Our body is constantly trying to get rid of the build-up of toxins and mucus; this is simply what a cold or “flu-like” symptom is. The only problem is that at the first sign of a cold or fever, we supress it with pain-killers and antibiotics, instead of allowing the body to do what it has evolved to do over millions of years. By simply removing the toxicity from our bodies, we can eliminate any previous disease symptoms that we have suffered, this is called Detoxification.

Acidosis – Our body must be in balance if we are to experience true health. The problem that most of us have is that are bodies have become too acidic. When you have cells being recreated in this acidic environment they are likely to be created with abnormalities, which would hinder their function. Our bodies become acidic because we consume too many “acid-forming” foods and not enough “alkaline-forming” foods. The stressful lifestyles that we lead also contribute to the acidity imbalance within our bodies. One of the most important things that we need to remember is that all of our cells are constantly eating and pooping, just like we are, but when our elimination channels are blocked, their waste starts to build up and leads to acidosis. Any dis-ease symptom experienced as a result of acidosis can also be simply eliminated by firstly alkalising, secondly detoxifying and finally regenerating healthy new cells.

My aim is to provide you with all the tools and information, which I have found beneficial in my experience, in order to be able to take your health and happiness into your own hands!



“Diseases are nothing more than signs and symptoms that reflect the body’s need to clean and rebuild itself”

DR. Robert Morse N.D, D.Sc., M.H.