Detoxification – Simplified

Detoxification is the Golden Key that will allow us to take our health and happiness into our own hands. Once we being this process, we become more conscious all that is around us, positive and negative. It can be the catalyst that allows us to gain a different perspective in all aspects of our life. If we can stay committed enough through the initial stages, the rewards will be ample.

To truly heal ourselves, the healing must take place on all levels, Body, Mind & Spirit. In my experience I’ve found that the easiest place to start the healing process is in the physical body, at the same time considering that while you are consciously taking steps to heal the physical body, your mental body and spirit body will also be healed, somewhat.

Detoxification is simply undoing mistakes, and learning lessons while doing so. The First place to start is with the diet! We have to start consuming more fresh organic fruits and vegetables, while at the same time stop consuming the foods and drinks that cause the acidosis, inflammation, pain, irritation, and any other “dis-ease” in the body.

Detoxification is an Art as much as it is a Science, as every individual’s physical body is different, as is the environment we are detoxing in, also the support we receive from friends and family makes a huge difference. Many factors will need to be considered when truly detoxifying properly, there is no one right, set method of doing it, we makes use all the different healing tools available to us. As long as all the tools are doing the same thing; healing the body and not suppressing symptoms like medical profession and their drugs and practices.

By initially consuming alkalising foods and then taking other measures that are suited to us, we can start to change the acidic state of the body. Sometimes as these acids and other wastes leave our bodies it can be rather uncomfortable and some people experience more pain than others. This is a part of Detoxification that most people don’t understand properly and hence make many mistakes as well as finding this to be the barrier that stopped their detoxification process. Some of the symptoms of the wastes leaving your body can range from simple rashes, headaches and joint pain, all the way to more severe symptoms like extreme shortness of breath, loss of hearing, loss of fingernails and extreme weight-loss. Mostly, these symptoms last a few days, but sometimes they can go on for weeks and even months. But we must always remember that nature doesn’t kill off the strong and healthy, it only kills the weak and useless, which means that your body will fix anything it can, but if it can’t fix it, it will get rid of rid and make room for growth of healthy new cells…

The severity and duration of our detox symptoms is directly proportional to the amount of waste we need to remove and the quality of the supporting factors in our detox process. This means that if we have been taking prescription medications for an extended period of time, and wastes have built up in our bodies and suppressed the functionality of the glands and organs, then it can take a while and the process can be more difficult. Detoxification is not a quick fix diet!! It is a change in lifestyle that should be practiced in one form or another throughout the rest of our lives, if we really want to experience Life to the fullest.


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