About Me

Most of my Life I’ve been a vegetarian, but my diet consisted entirely of Cheese, Chocolate and Potatoes in one form or another. Almost never were any other fruits or vegetables consumed. As you can imagine from eating this way, I was constantly feeling tired and lethargic, even though my spirit wanted to experience Life, my physical body was not capable of performing its duties adequately.

As a child I was given the diagnosis, by a many medical doctors, that I have hay-fever and allergies. This is a might seem a rather small and insignificant “dis-ease” in comparison to what some other people suffer from, but it still affected my daily tasks and clouded my approach to all aspects of my Life. The groggy feeling I would wake up with in the morning would set the tone for the entire day, I found myself losing my temper constantly and this was affecting my relationships with people too.

As the Mind is not something separate and detached from the physical body, the “dis-ease” symptoms or “lack of ease” that was being experienced affected my thinking process as well as my general attitude towards other people, work, going outside and Life on the whole. It is fair to say that I was not Happy on the inside, so I would be constantly seeking Happiness from the external world; by purchasing material goods and intoxicating myself… this bought very temporary relief but would leave one feeling empty as soon as the buzz ran out and the hangover kicked in… a new car was fun, until there was a newer model out… a new watch was great, until someone had a nicer watch… Life felt so sour and empty.

I became to realise if one supresses the symptoms of acute “dis-eases” for long enough, it can eventually lead to chronic “dis-ease” symptoms. I noticed this happening to family and friends, diseases were dictating their lives. This was the wakeup call I needed; at first I quit my job and became somewhat of a hermit; but this allowed be to gain some perspective and see the truth and essence in things as opposed to the perception or facts that were being relayed to us. This was when I came across the miraculous healing power of fruits, vegetables, herbs and positive intentions. This meant that I was capable of taking my health and ultimately the happiness into my own hands.

I became to realise that there were no such thing as terminal “dis-eases”, in reality every “dis-ease” could be eliminated, as long as one is prepared to do the work that is necessary and one receives the support they require. I had to be an example to all those around me, so I stopped consuming all the “junk” foods I was eating and started consuming Raw fruits and Vegetables, I adopted a daily juicing habit and within a few of months my “hay-fever” and allergies were completely gone. This lifestyle allowed me gave me more energy than I ever had before, which allowed me to start a daily yoga and meditation practice. This accelerated my healing and allowed me to truly cultivate health from the inside. Once one cultivates health, this leads to happiness coming from the inside as opposed to the external world. This meant that the smallest things would bring me joy; like the smell of freshly cut grass, the sight of a ray of sunshine creeping from behind the clouds, a single raindrop falling on the tip of my nose, a deep breath to fill the lungs with fresh air exhaled peacefully…. Music sounded better, people were more pleasant to be around, and Life on the whole was a much sweeter experience.

After experiencing this joy, I felt the need to make it my life’s work to get this message out to as many people as I could. Initially I talked to about this to all my friends and family and every stranger I would meet on the street, but not everyone wants to let go of their old ways, which led to conflict in many cases. As my consciousness developed, I learned to offer my words only to those that wanted to listen and make a change. I started my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/YouAreWhatYouEat247) as I way of getting my message out to the general public; everything on the page is free and will continue to be so. I also ran classes at the local community centre and charged no money for my time. I enjoyed this very much and I will continue to offer as much of my services as possible for Free without any charge. You can check out the other sections on this website, Recipes and Tools of Detoxification they are completely free.

But to function in today’s world one must generate some sort of revenue in order to interact with the rest of the world. This is why I’ve gained a qualification as a Detoxification Specialist, with Certification from the International School of Detoxification in Florida, run by the Dr. Robert Morse, who is the most highly regarded practitioner in his field. I will be offering my services on a donation basis, because I want everyone to only give me anything if they have truly benefited from my work. So check out all the downloadable resources on this site, check out all my YouTube videos, implement the things I’m suggesting and after a few weeks or few months when you’ve noticed a significant improvement in your health and happiness; I request if you are in position to make a small donation please do so by Clicking Here. I’m offering my services on a donation basis; not because my abilities are inferior to others, but because my needs and wants are very little. I’ve got air in my lungs, Love in my Heart, amazing food on the table, a roof over my head, the reflected smile of a fellow human being,…what else do I need???

I am here to help the world realise that there is no such thing as “incurable diseases” and that everyone can be in charge of their of Health and Happiness. Through realising this we can all achieve our potential and experience Life to the fullest.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and Loads o’ Love to you.